The New Kid| October 26, 2016

“Everyone, we have a new student joining us in class today.”

Synovial neck joints rotate euphorically unanimously in search of the new creature bearing the intrigue they so crave for to awaken their breathing corpses and ignite their drowning spring. Palms hit the desks transferring perplexed appearances upon the masses of curious bodies. Continue reading “The New Kid| October 26, 2016”

Healing. | October 4, 2016

Missing you now more than ever before my little one. You’ve consumed my thoughts all day today. Look at me trying to live out milestones in my mind that were never had the opportunity to be met.

Crazy how I’m still stuck on you and you were only a part of my 18 year old life for less than 2 months. Even after it all, I would have wished for nothing less.

I know that somehow, someway, it was worth it.

Initiate| September 25, 2016


Woke up one of these days one of these weeks (who knows when) and requested rejection.

Talk about awkward conversations galore full of persistent moments of silence. Then unrelated references made to occupy the irregularity. I’ve found a fondness for these tender instances nonetheless. Body shifts, twitches, “and’s”, eye glances, irregular hand movements– I appreciate all of that discomfort.  Continue reading “Initiate| September 25, 2016”

Bestowing Kindness| September 2, 2016

5:00 am: alarm rings. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Snooze. 5:05 am: alarm rings again. If I get lucky, I turn off the second alarm before it goes off.

Then comes the regular thoughts following in the same order. “Why did I choose to work this early in the morning?” “Why did I not go to bed earlier?” “Why am I even in college again? Just one more minute (the greatest misconception of time).”   Continue reading “Bestowing Kindness| September 2, 2016”

“I’m okay.” | August 28, 2016

If my face spoke the thoughts contained in my mind, people would realize that I AM NOT “OKAY”. You know that smile I always carry on my face, I use that to mask my social anxiety. My desire to workout and eat healthy is driven by my fear of being overweight. My slight OCD was formed due to my uncomfortability with disorder.  Continue reading ““I’m okay.” | August 28, 2016″