“What good is his love if she don’t love herself?”| February 15, 2015

“What good is his love if she don’t love herself?”

Damn. That’s deep. If she doesn’t ever learn how to love herself, how is she ever gonna allow him to love her? See, her selfishness, allows her to grow. It allows her to carefully learn of every nip and tuck in her character, brain and body. She will no longer feel the need to be reminded of who she is. She won’t be defined by having a man, by having him say “yes” or “no” to all her decisions. She won’t need someone to tell her “good morning beautiful” cause guess what, the sun greets her joyfully every morning. She will be fully comfortable with herself and her entire being. She’ll hug herself when getting ready and dance and sing out the top of her lungs in the shower. She’ll travel, ALONE, because she’s wants to explore. And she’ll be totally comfortable being alone, she probably won’t even notice.


And eventually, when she does decide she’s ready to get a man, her man won’t make decisions for her, but with her.


Pleaser. | January 28, 2017

Everyone wants to be loved right? We firstly experience this tender warmth when placed on our mothers breasts for the first time. Then we spend the rest of our lives attempting to recreate this feeling in our interpersonal relationships. But what happens when the baseline of love meant to be shown to you by your mother never felt complete? Then you spend the rest of your life pleasing others in hopes that their love will be deep enough to somehow fulfill the indentations.

It’s clearly evident however, that contentment will not take place in these relationships  for you’ll strive to make them love you, instead of allowing them to decide to give you love. Continue reading “Pleaser. | January 28, 2017”

Entitlement| August 11, 2016

I admit to privilege.

I do not remember ever really having to work extremely hard for anything. Of course I’ve experienced ambition and drive, but not to an extraordinary extent where I can say my effort superseded my privilege. My parental units performed the difficult labor so that in turn, me and my siblings would reap the fruits during the harvest.

Call me spoiled, I’ll take it. Call me privileged, I’ll take that too. Just don’t call me entitled. Continue reading “Entitlement| August 11, 2016”

Invincible| July 12, 2016

When we’re around the age of five or so, the world is our playground and our dreams reach further than the sky. Though we run into standing objects and wail out, we smile and quickly forget because we are invincible.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A doctor!” “A firefighter!” “President!”

At that tender age, we answered without hesitation and with enthusiasm. But now? Quite frankly, the world seems to be a playpen and my dreams only reach out as far as I can grab them.   Continue reading “Invincible| July 12, 2016”