The New Kid| October 26, 2016

“Everyone, we have a new student joining us in class today.”

Synovial neck joints rotate euphorically unanimously in search of the new creature bearing the intrigue they so crave for to awaken their breathing corpses and ignite their drowning spring. Palms hit the desks transferring perplexed appearances upon the masses of curious bodies.

“But professor…”, their words reflecting their aggravation in such an untrue statement rudely interrupted by their doubt and second glances.

All that meets the eye are all too familiar habitual visages dressed with a hint of uncomfortability. Sniffs of rancid inconsistency scorching the nerves of presumption and expectation.


Confusion encompasses the being of every soul occupying a seat in the classroom. Beats formed from the obnoxious tapping of impatience transcend into my eardrums and straight to my entire core of existence.

I almost catch my reflexes instinctively responding similarly to the majority after the professors statement, yet all the while knowing the direct reference to the 4 feet 11 inches girl with an obstructing afro puff larger than her faith in her dreams.

Somehow, along the course of conforming and mundanity, the familiar face that greeted her in the mirror evolved into chaos, uncertainty, pain, impulse decisions and the worst of them all– commonality. Doses of sleep deprivation reflected in her steps down the promenade. Just a simple rush of wind knocking over her entire existence. Gone are the days when her dreams visited her after the sun came up and her aura silenced the thoughts of critiques before they could translate their judgement.

“Everyone, welcome the new kid.”


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