Initiate| September 25, 2016


Woke up one of these days one of these weeks (who knows when) and requested rejection.

Talk about awkward conversations galore full of persistent moments of silence. Then unrelated references made to occupy the irregularity. I’ve found a fondness for these tender instances nonetheless. Body shifts, twitches, “and’s”, eye glances, irregular hand movements– I appreciate all of that discomfort. 

I would have never encountered some of the most intriguing and beautiful souls had I not taken initiative. The same unease that resides in silences during conversation prevents a large majority from initiating first time encounters.

But the unbelievable happens when initiative takes place: the receiver responds. Not a bland response but, savory enough to make the encounter worth it.

So, this rarity of “rejection” that we perceive to take place if we initiate is as infrequent as the likelihood of a mirage yielding factual. This programmed mirage often intimidates us from being bold and unapologetic. Nonetheless, if we could grasp the desire that humans have to be noticed, approached, and loved, we would not delay initiating.

After all, we’re so accustomed to that which we wish for so why not offer that unto others?



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