I Solemnly Swear| September 13, 2016

Call me crazy, but I actually thought you were different. I presumed that perhaps not all the birds of a feather did in fact flock together. The benefit of doubt was gifted to you, but I should’ve gotten in touch with the present instead.

First instincts are rarely ever wrong so I don’t understand why I failed to trust my own gut. I guess a part of me just wanted to have faith in you and actually be fed all the lies you were spitting– so harmonious to the ears, but so treacherous to reality.

The truth had to be exposed eventually. Behind my clouded perception of everything you were, lay a moment of complete clarity wrapped up in your inconsistency.

Phew. So at peace now.

I solemnly swear to never again trust that which my heart is not in tune with.


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