Influence| August 27, 2016

Fear not for stepping out causes others to step in.

You are capable of inspiring one, two, three… Countless. All you must do is think of yourself less and others more.

Other people’s opinions of you are not as important as the mission that you have been given to accomplish. So what if people make fun of the fact that you like to write deep thoughts at 1 am in the morning on a Friday night. You’re inspiring even one person. That in itself should be enough to distract you from those who throw hate because they’re afraid to try.

“The one who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the one doing it.”

There is so much greater in life than the fourteen seconds someone takes to hate on your passion.

You might not realize how much of an influence you’re making; nonetheless, change is beginning to unsurface itself. You are transforming someone else’s life.

Isn’t that powerful enough to cause you to finally chase whatever it is that you’ve been pushing aside in fears of what others might think?


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