Entitlement| August 11, 2016

I admit to privilege.

I do not remember ever really having to work extremely hard for anything. Of course I’ve experienced ambition and drive, but not to an extraordinary extent where I can say my effort superseded my privilege. My parental units performed the difficult labor so that in turn, me and my siblings would reap the fruits during the harvest.

Call me spoiled, I’ll take it. Call me privileged, I’ll take that too. Just don’t call me entitled.

Entitlement irks every nerve within me.

Privilege is one thing whereas entitlement is another. Privilege is the man in the suit being welcomed to cut the entire line at the security checkpoint in the airport. Entitlement is him getting angry when not given that privilege.

You can experience the benefits of privilege without succumbing to entitlement. Humility allows you to enjoy one without acquiring the other.

Once upon a time (more like last year), I was given the opportunity to attend a private university with a large sum of the tuition already paid off. Instantly, I realized how privilege played a major part in that. Unlike most students who have to work crazy shifts in order to keep themselves chasing a degree, I just have to show up to class and work the bare minimum. Obviously the loans will come and bite me later down the road; however, it’s almost surreal to think that one day that could be taken away from me. One day, I might not have these same opportunities gifted to me– I might actually have to work for them.

Laziness goes hand in hand with that privilege. Perhaps “laziness” might not be the right word, but a lack of effort. I’ve been taught to always put my best in all that I do regardless of whether or not I’ll still attain the same results (through privilege) if I give only fifty percent. Regardless of that teaching, having privilege as an automatic back up gears your brain to relax– for that privilege will always supersede any effort. Therefore, I have naturally neglected the grind and settled for the automatic.

But although I may be privileged, I refuse to be entitled.

I pray to never walk into a full restaurant with a one hour wait and expect to be seated first.





2 thoughts on “Entitlement| August 11, 2016

  1. That’s a good one. Being privileged is a nice opportunity, for you to be earning them means someone or some people in your life have paid there dues and you are benefitting from it, so enjoy it😊

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