Promises| July 20, 2016

Promises are the greatest form of deception.

Easily spoken, rarely kept.

Ah, the certainty of claiming them makes you feel as though that transfers into the certainty of you keeping them. But, no.

Promises are simply misconceptions of character announced faster than the time it takes to analyze one’s self.

Check yourself before you fake yourself into believing that words uttered after “I promise” are more than just that–mere combinations of letters.

To all the promises that I made and did not keep,

I’m sorry I distorted your meaning. I’m sorry I used you for my own reassurance. Now, I have to face the receivers of my promises and reveal to them my over-assessment of my character.

May this be a lesson to me to never again hide behind these proclaimed “promises,” but to face reality as it is.


One thought on “Promises| July 20, 2016

  1. Rightly said … It’s better to keep promises when we know that we’ll fulling it 99.9% or else it’s just better to say ok and then move on…


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