Allow Me to Be Vindicated|July 15, 2016

Okay God, so when you said “there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,” you actually meant that, right? (Romans 8:1)

Cause for some reason I still feel unworthy. There’s sand stuck in between my toes and no matter how much I rinse them with your blood, I still keep finding more particles. Though I’m walking with you, with every step I take, I am ever more aware of how irritating the sand that’s between my toes is! Why won’t it wash away God?

But then again, how could you possibly cleanse me when I keep turning the faucet on and off? This faulty hand of mine, guided by my inexplicable mind full of despicable thoughts–no wonder I can’t get this sand out.

It’s gritty God; I can’t ignore it.

I cannot keep running away from You expecting to vindicate myself. I do not have that power.

Cleanse me God. Allow me to be vindicated by You. Clear me of my detestable sin so that the contaminated sand no longer distracts me from my walk with You.

I’m ready to turn on the faucet and allow You to overflow over me.



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