Dear Giselle, |June 30, 2016

Okay Okay, before you get annoyed and think I’ve been writing too many “Dear ___” letters lately, just bear with me. I might or might not refrain from writing more of these down the road. Actually scratch that I’m lying because I just came up with another one in my mind, but that’s minus the point. This is one is extra special and totally worth it.

Smart start is when it all started. After having “settled” (still extremely discombobulated) into the lifestyle of early morning runs, 8 am’s, and skipping meals, I was introduced to you. It’s funny how we knew each other before we even met. I still can’t believe our first interaction with each other was when you brutally attacked me on the phone (by the way I still have that voicemail). Then went on to nicknaming me Rafiki after I told you I was African (cause the Lion King of course).

Everything else after that was history. You became my cuddle buddy for those long “let’s try to wake up and study at 5am for A and P.” (We tried, we really did try.) It was a miracle that my roommate never kicked you out the room considering you practically lived with us. You blossomed from Candy Mountain to a beautiful young woman right before my eyes.

Gosh. When was it that you started talking about Nick? Feels like forever ago.

I distinctly remember that one night you came back from wherever you had been with him. Upon your face rested the largest smile ever and in your hands was a huge vase full of flowers. I thought to myself, “This is it, Nick is the one.”

Now here we are on your wedding day, Gazelle Sparks. You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Words cannot begin to describe the blessing God has placed before you. Even through your road rage he loves you (and we all know how your road rage is.) When Nick looks at you it’s evident that love exists. There stands no doubt of that.

Giselle, as you travel down this road called marriage, I pray that you and Nick may honor God and each other. Continue to love each other daily and appreciate even the most annoying things in each other. Because those things you’ll rant to me about are the same things you’ll miss about him when you’re apart.

Thank God for creating you.

You did extraordinarily well when you chose Nick.

This is it.


PS: I am very eager to be babysitting soon. Don’t hold back on the babies for too long.


With much love,



“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4


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