Lust | June 22, 2015

Nobody can tell me that there is anything more attractive than a man in the gym with sweat dripping down his neck, grunting loud enough to catch your attention. (Well apart from a man preaching the word of God or a man in the kitchen, but that’s not the point.) Something about that persistence and dedication of working out day in and day out is so appealing.

I promise you (and I have no shame in this), I am one that one emoji with the two big eyes every time I go to the gym. I’m a kid in a candy store just amazed at the beautiful bodies God has created. Those thirty second rest periods in between sets are just torture. Talk about wandering eyes and drifted thoughts of unspeakable deeds. They say only look once and appreciate once, but mercy somehow my neck just glides over and over again to somewhere in their direction. Then I’m forced to say a silent prayer to God because by then my mind isn’t in the workout anymore.

Lust was not meant to be fought in the summer, seriously. All those fine men everywhere. The spirit is willing,  but the flesh is seriously BEYOND weak.

Lust is seriously one of the hardest things to deal with. You do really good when you’re at home cause of course you’re not going to lust after your family members (unless you into that incestual type of thing). Of course it’s also easy to deal with when you’re in an environment where you don’t find anyone attractive. Then you think, “okay I got the hang of this now.” Little do you know. Somehow one day, you find yourself surrounded by everything your heart has ever desired. You got yourself thinking, “Yes Lord, it really was VERY GOOD.” Then you’re not so sure you got this whole keeping people’s clothes on thing.

Lust is so particular. You only lust after that which you desire. No wonder I always get tried at the gym, because my desires are unquenchable there.

I have discovered that for me, lust creeps up when I am needy and not even necessarily in a sexual context. I just find myself more drawn to males when there’s something missing within me. These needs however, are temporary. Stephanie Ike once said, “Don’t entertain things to satisfy a temporary need.” That’s exactly what lust does.

That sexual urge is temporary. Ever tried being turned on and not doing anything about it? Eventually, if you don’t entertain it, it disappears. You cool off and that heat no longer rushes through your body. Because you chose not to satisfy that temporary need, you detach yourself from the control that feeling once had on you. You succumbing to that temporary need is you accepting defeat to this need that you perceive to be greater than you.

It takes heaps of self-control and diversions of mental thoughts to steer away from lust.

Knowing the reward for your decision to not entertain these things can be a driver to gaining victory over your lust.

I already know every day 7:10 P.M. is going to be a struggle for me. Having to walk into an environment where I am surrounded by that which I desire will force me to deal with this accumulation of temporary needs. I must look within.

At the end of the day, this is bigger than me. Only a firm commitment to Him can guarantee empowerment to conquer lust.


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