Minimalism| June 17, 2016

Close your eyes.
Tune out all the noise.
Breathe and ask yourself, “When am I the most myself?”

Imagine that in that moment with your eyes closed, ears closed, and anticipation, all that you saw was a heap of nothingness. You’d throw a fit because when people usually tell you that, you picture something — anything… every single time. You expect a magnificent image like of you in your beautiful home, laying on your beautiful couch, watching your favorite TV show on your huge flat screen TV and eating pizza.

But, are you really the most yourself in that moment?

I think people are truly themselves when they have nothing. People are most themselves when they no longer have anything of material value to attach their identity to. In that moment, you can truly see that person. You don’t see their possessions; all you see is WHO they are.

I absolutely love that.

Minimalism in essence, is about freeing yourself from things or people that celebrate the false you. It’s about getting rid of the “clutter” in your life that distracts you from who you are. Minimalism allows you to surround yourself with what you love without having to be constantly bombarded with that which you don’t.

The minimalist lifestyle has been something that I am extremely passionate about and have been trying to apply to my life.

At first, I got mild anxiety over getting rid of my stuff (or should I say junk). I might or might not have been addicted to heels. Honestly, I had too many heels. (You would’ve thought I worked late nights cause some of those heels were just mmm.) Thing is I barely wore a large majority of them. So all they were doing was collecting dust and making my closet look good. But, while on this journey of self discovery and what not, I decided it was time to free myself.

I downsized my closet a whole lot. The process was quite difficult because I never realized how attached I was to these material possessions. I was scared to only have the things I loved when all the things I didn’t love just took up space. Even then, I wanted to have them there for comfort. I remember being so worried that I would have to repeat my outfits a whole not more now and that people would notice. It was so real.

I had begun to base my identity on the things I owned instead of who I was. 

That revelation changed everything. I no longer wanted to be defined by these things that didn’t even bring me happiness.

Living with less has allowed me to appreciate more.

Minimalism is a journey that applies to not only material possessions, but other aspects of your life as well. Anyone or anything that doesn’t bring you joy can be something that you need to get rid of in order to free yourself.

In a heap of nothingness, that is when you are most you. 



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