Why I Don’t Wear Makeup| June 14, 2016

Just add primer, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter…the list never ends.

You’d think that even after all this we would have created a masterpiece. After drawing on eyebrows that don’t belong to us and contouring unrealistic jawlines and cheekbones, we would be content. Right? We would be fleeky enough that our highlight would reflect off hate and our winged eyeliner no longer be a reminder that our eyes are not a perfect almond shape. Yet, when the lock clicks behind us and we wipe off society’s standards of beauty, ALL WE HAVE LEFT IS OURSELVES.

Somehow, the face we were birthed with no longer measures up to the one which we conceal ourselves behind.

Over time, we have taught ourselves and been taught that our natural state is not worthy enough to be deemed beautiful. Having bear skin has become a rarity such that people relate it to being “sick” or “not being okay.”

The funny thing is, we think that the more crap we put on our face, the more we’ll “enhance our features”. Instead, the more we conceal, the less features we have left.

Many say makeup is an art, but I choose to not be a part of that gallery. I choose not to be displayed on a wall of insecurity and unrealistic expectations. I have no desire to be categorized among pieces whose price tags are determined by the buyer and not the artist. Why would I want to be hung as a reproduction when I could be treasured as a masterpiece?

I’ve been fed up with make-up. Tired of being caked up and made up to be someone that I’m not. The thing I least desire is mediocrity– it is truly insanity.



6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Wear Makeup| June 14, 2016

  1. Great post! I’m going natural too, but I’m talking about hair. We’ll see whether I ever get there. Because my go to is my eyeliner, not to give my eyes shape but to like you say make me look alive, not sick. I love this post!


  2. I’ve read through a few of your blogs now and the best way to say it is tht I’m in awe. I think you are the person I aspire to be. Using things like leaving social media and not wearing makeup. I do those things but for goodness sake I wish I could let myself learn from them the way you have. Congrats on being a rreal human. You’re awesome!


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