Death| June 12, 2016


It’s funny how it’s a natural occurrence, but still comes unexpectedly.

Today many celebrated the life of Jonathan. Although I didn’t know Jonathan myself, I could feel his impact through the people who shared testimonies of having encountered him. There was no doubt that he touched a lot of souls through his presence, his laugh, his photography, and his heart.

His entire funeral costs were covered by the many people who’s lives he touched. That’s impeccable.

His father said something really profound at his funeral service. He said, “I grieve, but God makes no mistakes. Jonathan died that even ONE person could be saved.” That shook me because that’s a father who just lost his son. How? How can he have so much peace and his young son just passed unexpectedly? That takes major major faith. I desire to have that much faith.

It really causes me to wonder, what kind of legacy will I leave behind when I’m gone? How will people speak of me when I pass? When my breath is taken away from me and I am no more, will people have to make up crap to say at my funeral or will they celebrate my life?

At the same time, if someone I encountered were to just die, would my soul be at peace knowing I treated them to the best of my ability. Would I be able to say I appreciated them, loved them, cared for them, did everything I could for them while they were still breathing? Or would I be wishing I had done more?

Wow. Life is so tangible.

I do not want to be saying “could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve.” I’ve got to take opportunities when they come because another day is not promised.


My heart really goes out to his family and all those Jonathan touched.

I have no words.




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