You Are Worth the Wait| January 4, 2016

11:00 PM Monday night, restumbled upon a piece of spoken word with such profound meaning. Reinstated to me something that my parents have been preaching to me all my life, “Esther, you are worth the wait.”

You are worth the wait because you are of value. When God created you, he made you perfect out of His own image. You were not created to search for completeness in any other area of life (especially sex) for you are already complete by Him. You were not created to seek to form an intimate sexual bond between a man other than your husband.
And I realize now, all that time I thought I was living it up and having my fun, I could’ve been worth the wait.

I could’ve kept those legs together and not been so eager to let him in. So eager to let him into my entire being. Unable to distinguish the distinct connection between body and spirit, I allowed him into my body thinking my spirit would be unaffected. Little did I know by engaging sexually, we became one flesh. We placed ourselves under the alter and officiated our own wedding without making a commitment before God. And under the covers we went, hiding in shame for we knew there was wrong in our actions. In our nakedness, we devoured each other, stroke by stroke and piece by piece. Our flesh was torn to pieces by our innate desire to be completely one whole. Little did I know, we were worth the wait.

Baby baby baby, you are worth the wait. You are worth the wait because you are valuable. You are beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made. I will wait for you because you’re more precious to me than a hot second of pleasure. Your value is not found in how well you can twist and turn my body to make me scream, no! Of all the things one can delight in most is a man of God. Because God lives in you, you are worth the wait.

Since we are sanctified and cleansed by the blood of Jesus, why shouldn’t we stay pure?
We are worth the wait; therefore we will wait for each other. Every night the sun goes down and the moon graces us with its presence, we will be reminded that with each new day, our waiting will yield an even greater reward.


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